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The Code for this project is available on the Gitlab

Gravity Grab is a  game made for a 2 week production project on a team with other programmers for an AIE physics assessment
The game is a physics sandbox where you can use a jet pack, grappling hook, gravity gun, and gravity star to play in two different maps
One map is a physics item and explosives room where you can throw objects and explosives around with the gravity gun, and use the gravity star
The other map is a platformer map where you can utilize the jet pack and grappling hook to make it to the top

  • WASD for movement
  • Shift for jet pack
  • E for grappling hook
  • Q for gravity star
  • Left Mouse click to hold or drop an item
  • Right mouse click to throw an item your holding
Team Members:
  • Matthew Dowling
  • Xavier Melton
  • Martin Balch

Install instructions

Download the zip, unzip it, run the exe


Gravity Grab Release Download