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Floppy Fighters is a game made for a 2 week production project on a team with other programmers for an AIE assessmentThe main goal of the project was to learn more about working on a team
The game consists of two players who fight by throwing their arms at each other till either one dies or falls off the edge

We do not own the music in the game however the sound effects like the crowd, announcer, and punching sounds were recorded by Xavier Melton
with help from AIE students and staff

All art assets besides the boxing gloves were from the Infinity Blade asset packs off the Unreal Marketplace.

The Code for this project is available on the  Gitlab

  • Needs two Xbox controllers plugged in
  •  X and B to attack.
  • Right Trigger to dodge.
  • Left Stick To Move
  • Use mouse to select menu options
Team Members:
  • Pearson Lawrence
  • Xavier Melton
  • Matthew Dowling
  • Josh Livingston

Install instructions

Download the zip from google drive, unzip it, then run the exe


Floppy Fighters Final Release

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