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MarketPLAYce is a game that was developed over the course of 6 weeks for the year one final at AIE with team DOTI. The concept of the game is that your a robber inside a busy marketplace where you have to quickly steal as much stuff as you can by putting items in a stash before the timer runs out while avoiding enemy guards in the area

The Code for this project is available on the Github

Key Gameplay Mechanics:
  • Stealing items and adding them to an inventory
  • Holding physics items and throwing them
  • Guard and crowd AI
  • A stash that when items are put in add to your total score
  • A gambling machine that you can spend funds on that spawn a random item
  • Special high value items some of which can be consumed for extra abilities or be put in the stash for more money while others have super high value but have negative effects while holding them
  • Random high value item spawner
  • Xavier Melton
  • Matthew Dowling
  • Keil Aloia
  • Joanna Lin
  • Cody Decker
  • Natasha Takasato
  • Jamie Puga
  • Zachary Noah

Install instructions

Download the final build zip, unzip it, run the exe


MarketPlayce Release Build

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