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The Trials Of Wukong

The Trials of wukong is a vertical slice of a game, Made for the AIE year 2 major production/final with a team of artists and programmers. The vertical slice consists of hack & slash as well as puzzle elements in order to fight your way through a dream world in order to defeat a boss.

 Game was developed in unreal engine with a mix of c++ and blueprints

Source for the project is avaiable on gitlab here

Key Gameplay elements

  • Hack n Slash 
  • fighting Boss fight 
  • RPG Like Quest System 
  • Climbing Puzzle



  • Pearson Lawrence
  • Xavier A. Melton


  • Lukas Bartee
  • Patrick Alderson
  • Trevor White
  • Zachary Noah
  • Jesse Staples
  • Ernest Ziegenfelder


  • Andrew Pang


wukong-build_v1.zip 1 GB
Version 1 May 19, 2018

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